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Joe Foresta-President
Phone 321-795-9811(cell)

Mike Foresta-General Manager
Phone 727-539-9730(cell)

Charlie Bevan-Sales Manager
Phone 321-474-5671(cell)

Brenda Pratt – Customer Service Manager
Phone 407-322-0041
Fax 407-324-5322

Raquel Alvarez- Office Manager, accounting
Phone 321-255-9389

Wendy Lu – Customer Service/Business Admin
Phone 919-355-2645 (office)

Area Representatives

Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Northern Virginia,
Richard Shor-Sales Representative
Phone 443-253-4321 (Cell)

North and South Carolina and Southern Virginia, Eastern Georgia
Kathy Barefoot-Sales Representative
Phone 919-332-3000 (cell)

Name Accounts in Alabama and Western Tennessee
Chuck Steely
-Sales Representative
Phone 919-609-0320 (cell )

Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Great Atlanta
Greg Gilbert
-Sales Representative
Phone 256-755-6543 (cell )

Joe Foresta–Strategic Accounts/Business Development
Phone 321-795-9811(cell)







Area Representatives

Southern and East Coast Florida
Titusville, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Miami.
Charlie Bevan-Sales Representative
Phone: 321-474-5671 (cell)

Tampa and West Coast Florida
Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater
Mike Foresta– Sales Representative
Phone 727-539-9730 (cell)

Central Florida, Northern Florida, Florida Panhandle, Southern Georgia
Jacksonville, Orlando
Vinny DeMauro– Sales Representative
Phone 321-480-3500 (cell)